ALL ON 4/6/8

Implant denture or fixed Hybrid Bridge

The all on 4/6/8 treatment is an artificial denture that is retained and stabilized by a framework placed on posts entrenched in the bone. It is the best option of fixed prosthetics for edentulous patients.

This is the treatment indicated when the teeth are decayed or advanced periodontal problems and it is not advisable to continue to restore them due to potential failure in the future. A fixed restoration in these cases provides improvement in health, facial esthetics and function, therefore improving the quality of life of the patient.

Our interest is to provide an esthetic durable and quality restoration

You have a choice of two types of fixed hybrid bridges:

  1. Acrylic with a titanium bar substructure
  2. Full monolithic Zirconium

Both options are produced in the dental lab and attached to the implants placed previously.

All on 4/6/8 Acrylic with a titanium bar substructure

Taking the concept of overdentures a step ahead, this type of restoration places acrylic teeth and gum over a titanium substructure that is then attached to the implants. Functional and esthetic, they are a great way to obtain functionality again.


All on 4/6/8 restorations with monolithic zirconium are the newest benchmark in full arch restorations. It is elaborated out of a single block of Zirconium, with less appointments and chair time, it is another option to a traditional hybrid denture. The high degree of esthetics is another advantage this restoration option offers. Come visit us at Kaver Dental to enjoy the latest in full arch fixed restorations.