Crowns & Bridges

Kaver dental offers sophisticated dental restorations, including dental bridges and dental crowns. We recommend the bridge procedure for individuals missing one or more teeth due to aging, accidents or various medical conditions. We use Highly esthetic and resistant materials to ensure that the dental bridge and/or crown(s) will seamlessly blend in with the other teeth and look completely natural. These procedures are also performed with the latest technology in manufacturing and materials to ensure a long lasting and trouble free treatment.


Full crown work is indicated when there has been root canal work, when a lot of tooth structure has been damaged or lost, or when a tooth has become cracked, broken or chipped. Another indication to construct a dental crown is when  a tooth that has lost too much of its structure to place a composite filling.

A dental bridge is used to span a gap where teeth are lacking in the dental structure. We replace your missing teeth with custom- designed replacement teeth that are attached by crowns to your healthy dental structures. We use custom-manufactured restorations to ensure that our patients achieve the most natural-looking results possible.

You can choose between different materials:

  • All porcelain
  • Monolithic Zirconium