Dental Implants

Kaver Dental  is proud to be regarded as one of the more talented Costa Rica dental implants restoration and cosmetic dentistry providers. We use quality materials to restore missing teeth following implant surgery. We also have the  expertise in anchoring other types of dental structures, including dental bridges. If you are wondering whether you might be candidate, read on to learn more about this procedure.

Dental implants are a great option to fill in the spaces  created by missing teeth. They look just like natural teeth and have the same strength and durability! While the treatment might take longer than traditional prosthetic treatment, the results are well worth it. These restorations are beautiful and durable.

Dental implants treatment consists of surgically placing a screw-type implant in the patient’s jaw. The implant root will later be used as a base for sturdy, durable Zirconium crowns. dental implants make patients feel very comfortable with their crowns when eating, speaking, laughing or smiling

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