Experts in complex restorative dentistry


Experts in complex restorative dentistry

First-class dental services in the most advanced clinic in Costa Rica.


All on 4/5/6

The all on 4/5/6 treatment consists normally of the extraction of remaining teeth, placement of implants and final restoration with a complete fixed denture attached to said implants.

This is the treatment indicated when teeth are decayed or have periodontal disease and it is not advisable to continue to restore them. Our interest is to provide an esthetic, durable and high quality restoration.

*Treatment is done with local anesthesia, however, if the patient requires sedation we may include it for an additional cost.

Price: $16,000 per arch (all inclusive)*

Dental Implants

Kaver Dental is proud to be regarded as one of the most talented Costa Rica dental implants restoration and cosmetic dentistry providers. We use quality materials to restore missing teeth following implant surgery.

Dental implants are a great option to fill in the spaces created by missing teeth.

Price: $1,940

Dental Crowns & Veeners

Veneers are a cosmetic procedure made to reshape a chipped or broken tooth, for tooth discoloration, to extend the length of a tooth, to make teeth whiter, or to reshape your smile line. 

Full crowns work is indicated when there has been root canal work, when a lot of tooth structure has been damaged or lost, or when a tooth has become cracked, broken or chipped.

Price: $680 per tooth


(Only for treatments of minimum $16,000)

Enjoy transportation and accommodation included in a treatment of minimum $16,000.

Your personal concierge will prepare your apartment before arrival with your requirements, will support you throughout your stay, and pick you up and drop you off at the airport.

Stay in our 1 Bedroom apartment at a new building, 5 minutes from the clinic, were you can relax in the pool, use the cinema, exercise in the gym, talk business in the working space and walk through artistic spaces.


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