All On 4/6/8

The all on 4/6/8 treatment consists normally of the extraction of remaining teeth , placement of implants and final restoration with a complete fixed denture permanently attached to said implants. This is the treatment indicated  when the teeth are decayed and it is not advisable to continue to restore them due to potential failure in the future. Our interest is to provide  an esthetic durable and quality restoration.

Materials used:

In regards to the differences between both options, Zirconia is a one piece restoration with enhanced resistance and esthetics , it is the latest development in technology it is the best of both options, which requires less chairtime and less appointments. However both options as stated above require two trips to Costa Rica  separated by 4 months apart. Why do we chose to do the treatment in two stages? It is to provide the best control for long lasting durability of your restoration with implants firmly entrenched in your jaw to provide maximum  support to the prosthetics.