Are your teeth yellowed and worn down? A few missing teeth? Has your smile changed over the years? Recover your smile and also regain a healthy bite, obtain results in less than 10 business days!

A full mouth restoration, reconstruction ,rehabilitation  are terms used to describe a dental procedure in which every major issue in mouth is addressed and in the same treatment plan taken care of in a brief period of time. Basically all teeth in the upper and lower jaws are addressed and given a solution.

Every tissue involved, Teeth, Gums, and bite (occlusion) is paid attention and treated, to top it off, the substituted items are done in the most esthetic way possible, providing a beautiful smile and restored functionality.

With the astronomical prices of this type of procedure in the United States and Canada, Costa Rica is a viable place to realize this treatment. A direct flight takes as much as any regional flight in the US. Prices are up to 2/3 more economical than in the US / Canada The quality of the work is equal or superior to a local dental office. This is very important factors in a full mouth restoration, where the large amount of work and costs can increase to incredible amounts of money in the US.

Full Mouth restoration on existing teeth

This happens when the teeth in the mouth are present but due to wear and decay do not have the height and shape they originally had. With the latest materials and CAD-CAM technology we can provide durable and esthetic crowns in high resistance porcelain and monolithic Zirconium.

You can obtain a natural looking smile and restore your natural bite at the same time, the outcome is not only functional but also beautiful.