Kaver Dental

About Us


Acomplish permanent satisfaction about the needs and expectations of our patients with quality and security.


Consolidate our clinic with great and excellent service, giving quality in every procedure supported by the best human and technoligal team.

Quality Policy

Kaver Dental Comestic and Implants provides cosmetic and dental restoration services. The latest technologies, gives our patient a customized service. This assures the continues improvement in processes and organization productivity.

Environmental Policy

Kaver Dental Cosmetic and Implants performs services of Cosmetic Dentistry and aware of the responsibility it has with the environment commits to:

1- Identify and evaluate the environmental aspects derived from the activity that it develops, in order to implement measures to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive ones.

2 – Ensure compliance with the provisions of the legal regulations that concern you.

3- Motivate the personnel to collaborate with the continuous respect to the environment.

4- Practice a sustainable use of natural resources, minimizing the consumption of resources (water, fuel, energy)

5- Develop a responsible management of waste and emissions, which is respectful with the environment.

6- Ensure that environmental management is consistent with continuous improvement, user satisfaction and environmental objectives that the clinic proposes.


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